Kaitlen Jane Groetzinger is a seasoned Yoga teacher and Pilates instructor with a passion for helping people transform their bodies, minds and spirits through exercise, mindfulness and self-care.  

Combining her international background in martial arts and sports conditioning expertise, Kaitlen’s approach is fine-tuned to support groups and individuals in managing pain, improving posture, preventing surgery and helping clients get into excellent shape – both inside and out.  Once she discovered the ancient art of natural facial rejuvenation, Kaitlen created ‘Yoga From The Neck Up’, a holistic system harnessing the time-honored benefits of Yoga toward a complete anti-aging regimen for the face and body.  

Kaitlen’s career as Yoga teacher, Pilates instructor and facial rejuvenation enthusiast has been based in Hilton Head, South Carolina for the last 20 years.