Reverse the aging process of your face with the complete Yoga From The Neck Up Kit

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Facial Fitness Self-Care Kit
Jade Hearts and Roller to Massage Away Stress
Eye Jellies to Enhance Your Skin's Radiance
Revive Your Youthful Glow!
Facial Fitness Self-Care Kit with 9 Super Items

Facial Fitness Self-Care Kit

4 Suits of Technique Cards

  • Muscle Builders to "Pump It Up"
    • Take your face to the gym
  • Stress Erasers to "Let It Go"
    • Massage away wrinkles
  • Vitalizers "Chi Boosters'
    • Increase blood flow
  • Superchargers "Tools For Ascension"
    • Find your happy place

Facial Fitness Self-Care Kit

Chinese Acupressure Tools

  • 2 Jade Hearts 
  • 1 Jade Roller

Eye Jellies

Illustrated Booklet

"Happy is the Real Pretty" Ebook

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Facial Fitness Self-Care Kit

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