Facial Fitness Self-Care Kit

It’s Time to Revitalize Your Face

Let’s not waste time with small talk and gimmicks. Your kit is carefully designed to only offer you the tools and techniques proven to get the most effective results. 

22 Flash Cards

22 fun color coded flashcards will simplify this program for you. They will make the techniques easy to find and serve as reminders on some of the crucial principles of this program.



Training Videos

Not sure how to do some of the exercises? No need to worry. The easiest way for you to apply the rejuvenating techniques is to see them in action. I will show you exactly how it’s done. If you still have questions, I’ll always be available to answer any of your questions!

Jade Hearts

Each kit has two Jade Hearts also known as Gua Sha Scrapers. Gua sha is an ancient healing technique used by many practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The smooth edge of Jade Heart is used to apply various strokes on the skin to stimulate circulation to rise to the surface.

Jade Roller

Jade Roller is another powerful tool to get that youth out on the surface. The roller can be used anywhere to smooth out wrinkles and soothe the under eye area, face and neck. Keep it in the fridge alongside Jade Hearts, to get extra soothing effect. 


The booklet contains information on how to use your kit, as well as powerful insights in rejuvenating abilities of yoga exercises. It’s also your introduction to many ‘big’ subjects such as Yogi philosophy, discipline, attitude, self-talk, stress, and the power of intention.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Lift Your Spirit. Lift Your Face.

Learn how Yoga can help you rejuvenate your face and neckline in just a few minutes per day. Change not only how you look, but also how you feel about aging. Get that spirit shine from within and radiate happiness instead of traces of aging. 

Chapter 2. So What is Stress Anyways?

Find out how stress destroys your youth, health and happiness. Learn how to avoid it, how to deal with it and how to minimize its impact on your life and your looks.

Chapter 3. Yoga from the Neck Up

In this chapter you will learn more about the rejuvenating routine itself. Facial exercise is safe, way less costly, and has zero risk of damage compared to alternative plastic surgeries, Botox injections, or fillers such as collagen. Just a few minutes a day is everything you’ll need to look great for your age!

Chapter 4. Why Monks Don’t Need Botox

Read inspiring story about Buddhist Monks and learn their simple secret that will save you money and help you slow down the aging process.

Chapter 5. Happy is the Real Pretty

Learn how shifting your perspective can turn you into one of those happy, youthful people that bring the light into each room. Discover how your mirror and others can perceive you as younger when you learn how to focus on the good.

Chapter 6. Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Wellness

This critical chapter has several subchapters that will teach you crucial things for regaining and keeping your youth. Find out how your own two hands, water and smiling can be the best tools for rejuvenating.

Chapter 7. Foolproof Formula for Your Face

In this chapter you will learn powerful moves that will awaken and tone lazy muscles underneath your skin. Also, here you will learn how to use your tools from the kit to erase stress, fatigue and wrinkles from your face.

Chapter 8. The Power of Intention

Learn how to break negative habits and focus on becoming a truly happy person. And don’t be affraid, there’s not much work here. Hapiness is hidden in small things, you know? 🙂

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